My name is Jack

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I love my wife, Yes I do, Yes I do,
I love her dearly,
I love the hole she pisses through,
I love her tits, tiddily tits, tiddily tits
And her nut brown arsehole,
I eat her shit, gobble, gobble, gobble
With a rusty spoon
My name is Jack, diddily ack, diddily ack
I'm a necrophiliac,
I get so hard on the graveyard,
I get frustrated, diddily ated, diddily ated,
when they get cremated,
Burrial is a must,
Coz you can't fuck dust
My name's Dutroux, diddily då diddily då
i like young children
i lock them up
when i need to fuck
and if they die diddle die diddle die
i do not cry
coz my brothers name is jack
And hes a necrophiliac
His name is Hausken, diddily Hausken diddily Hausken
he likes young pussy
he takes them home
and he makes them moan
And when he comes diddle comes diddle comes
he does not run
coz his neigbour's
name is Bjørn
And now it is his turn